Gary M. Schuman, Construction Specifications Consultant

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 Benefits to Manufacturers

Manufacturers benefit with guide specifications in CSI 3-Part Format

Properly written guide specifications benefit manufacturers by effectively communicating your product information in industry-standard format. This allows the specifier to clearly and correctly specify your products.

architectural specifications

Communicates Your Product Information to Architects and Engineers:

Same industry-standard format as used by architects and engineers for preparing construction specifications.

Proprietary guide specifications prepared specifically for your products
Efficiently communicates your product information in a format useful to specifiers
Clearly describes work to be performed by the contractor
Precise language meets the 4 essential requirements for effective technical communication:

CLEAR: Use correct grammar and simple sentence construction to avoid ambiguity. Carefully select words that convey exact meanings.
CORRECT: Present information accurately and precisely.
COMPLETE: Do not leave out important information.
CONCISE: Eliminate unnecessary words, but not at the expense of clarity, correctness, or completeness.

Organizes Your Product Information—Industry-Standard Format:

Written in the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) 3-Part Format according to the principles, formats, language, and style described in The CSI Construction Specifications Practice Guide.

Products classified according to CSI MasterFormat divisions and sections
Sections organized according to CSI SectionFormat parts and articles
Text arranged according to CSI PageFormat outline layout
Coordinates with other specification sections and the drawings
Eliminates wordiness—easier to read

Improves Your Marketing—Properly Prepared Guide Specifications:

Show specifiers you want your products specified correctly, using standard construction-industry practice
Make your products easier to specify
Separate your products from those of the competition
Specify unique or important features of your products
Minimize potential for construction problems
Replace ambiguous words and phrases with clear terms
Get your products specified

Includes "Specifier Notes"— Useful Information to Assist the Specifier: 

In editing your guide specification
choosing among options to meet specific project requirements
understanding unique or important features of your products

Reaches Architects and Engineers:

On your Website

By your product representatives

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